Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown
of Swanton was arrested on the way to Gettysburg with the Second Vermont Brigade.
A lieutenant in Vermontís 13th Regiment, Company K, he and his men marched over 120 miles in six days to get to Gettysburg. Brown disobeyed orders by allowing his men to break ranks to get water in the hot summer sun. After learning of this General Stannard had him arrested. Brown was released but had his sword taken away. When the 13th helped repulse Pickettís charge at Gettysburg, Brown went into battle with a hatchet. Brown captured this sword from a Confederate officer on that day. When the 13th Regiment was mustered out Brown reenlisted within a month. Commissioned a captain with the 17th Regiment, Company A, a part of the Vermont Brigade, Brown was wounded in the regimentís first action, the Battle of the Wilderness, in May 1864. He survived but was discharged from the army three months later.

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