Dennis Duhigg
Dennis Duhigg’s
parents emigrated from Ireland and settled in Lyndon, Vermont when he was an infant. He enlisted with the 15th Regiment, Company G, in September 1862 and mustered in on October 14, 1862, training at Brattleboro. During that time the twenty-two year old Duhigg was promoted to sergeant major of the Field Staff. The 15th was a nine-month regiment. It saw action at Fairfax Court House, Virginia in December 1862 and then the following May at Catlett’s Station, Virginia. On June 25, 1863 it was ordered to march to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to join the First Corps of the Army of the Potomac. Duhigg did not see action at Gettysburg and the regiment mustered out of service on August 5, 1863.

Duhigg went back to Lyndon and within a month helped raise a company for the 11th Regiment. His brother-in-law, Marshall Willmarth, joined the regiment with him. Duhigg was commissioned a first lieutenant and Willmarth eventually became a sergeant in Company M. Both men survived the Battle of Cold Harbor, where 175 men in their regiment died. Three months later Dennis Duhigg was dead, shot through the heart by a sharpshooter at Opequan, Virginia. He had been promoted to captain just before his death. Marshall Willmarth was killed a month later at the Battle of Cedar Creek, Virginia.

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