Vermont Railroad Timeline

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1860 MayóAfter ongoing complaints by passengers, the Vermont Central Railroad completes a line between its Burlington station and the Burlington station of the Rutland & Burlington Railroad. For the first time passengers can make a direct connection in Burlington between the two railroads.

1867 The Rutland & Burlington Railroad is reorganized and renamed the Rutland Railway Company (known as the Rutland Railroad) under the leadership of John Page, president of Rutlandís Howe Scale Works.

Portrait of John Page.John Page was born and educated in Rutland. For many years he worked in banking and became president of the National Bank of Rutland. He was instrumental in moving the Howe Scale Works from Brandon to Rutland. From 1860 to 1866 he served as Vermontís state treasurer and is said to have originated the plan to pay Vermont soldiers an allotment of seven dollars a month. Page was elected governor in 1866 and 1867. In addition to serving as president of the newly-reorganized Rutland Railway Company, Page was vice president of the Vermont Central Railroad.

1868 The Rutland Railroad begins using the steamship Oakes Ames to carry freight between Burlington and Plattsburgh. It prospers with the growing lumber trade in Burlington and cuts into the Vermont Centralís markets. The Steamship Oakes Ames.

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