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"I know we're been on this same piece of ground longer than Vemont's been a state.Read MillerMeet
Read Miller
Owner of Dwight Miller and
Sons Orchards in Dummerston,
the largest organic orchard
in New England.

Read Miller is a seventh generation
Vermonter who, after buying the
family orchards, converted from
traditional production methods
utilizing pesticides and other
chemicals to organic production.

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click here! Farming is such a hard life—why would you want to do it?
click here! What led you to convert the farm to organic?

click here! What is the biggest threat in organic farming?

click here! How do you remain calm when you face financial ruin if it
rains for three days straight in the spring?

Interview conducted by the Vermont Folklife Center, Middlebury, for the friends of the Mad River.

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